Scripting Graybox

Design Goals

Scripting Graybox is a small grayboxing project that I made to showcase my scripting competency. This project took a few days to complete.

  • Create a linear/single-player level that has the player navigate through a facility.

  • Utilize UE4's Blueprint system to script various types of doors.

  • Utilize Blueprints and Matinee tool to animate and script moving platforms for traversal and object completion

  • Practice my grayboxing.

  • Create a playable third-person platformer level.

This project is more focused on scripting and grayboxing. I wanted to create something playable immediately so I didn't bother with texturing. I kept the lighting to a minimum only adding different colored lights for grabbing the player's attention so they know where to go. Asides from the actual goals of this project, I didn't want to create just a scripting sandbox so I added some platforming challenges in the level to have the player feel like they are playing an actual game.


I referenced two of my favorite PS2 games of all time made by Naughty Dog: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy and Jak 2. I loved the platforming in these games and wanted to do something similar with them. Here are some reference images. The first 3 pictures are from Jak 2 while the remaining 5 are from The Precursr Legacy.

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