Maya Blockout of 
Life is Strange

Design Goals

This Maya Blockout is a small project I made to improve my level design workflow. This project took a few days to complete.

Here are the tasks I completed in this project.

  • Created a 2D map that is drawn to scale using the main game as reference.

  • Blocked out level in Maya using appropriate metrics

  • Imported blockmesh to UE4 and set-up collision and lighting

  • Scripted cinematic events.

  • Scripted AI that walks throughout the halls.

  • Dressed environment using Mannequins.

Many game studios use Maya as it allows a huge variety of tools to manipulate primitive shapes in creative ways unlike engine plugins like ProBuilder and SuperGrid.

There were three main focuses I wanted to accomplish with this project:

  1. Recreating an environment as close to scale as possible. With this environment being set in a man-made structure, I had to create the architectural pieces (e.g. walls, floors) on the grid. 

  2. Establish the narrative beats/atmosphere using mannequins. I tinkered with the main skeletal mesh to create static meshes of each unique character and placed them in their respective locations within the hallway. I also scripted some of them to walk in a straight path to further elicit this piece of the narrative.

  3. The third and most important focus was to design the environment with metrics in mind. I documented my metrics on my 2D map (shown above).

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