CGMA Level Design Projects

A compilation of all of my Level Design Assignments from CGMA's Level Design Course

CGMA's Level Design for Games is a 10-week course that is designed to teach and strengthen level design fundamental techniques. This course is taught by Naughty Dog's Lead Game Designer, Emilia Schatz. I am taking this course in order to help me further learn & understand the essential level design concepts used in the world's most award-winning games!


Supply Run

A Far Cry 5 Journey Map!

Supply Run is a Far Cry 5 Journey map created using the Arcade editor. You play as a survivor that is sent on a mission to scavenge for supplies in a post-outbreak zombie-infested world!



A Far Cry 5 Bounty Hunt Map!

OPRTN: BLIND PREDATOR is a far cry 5 map created using the Arcade editor. You play as a secret agent that infiltrates a cultist camp and eliminate the leaders in the middle of a foggy and blinding storm!



A UE4 Cyberpunk game that allows you to program robots!

Robits is an Unreal Engine 4 student game that takes place in a Cyberpunk universe where you play as Zoe, an engineering fanatic who loves to program robots and have them battle each other!


Maya Blockout: The Last of Us

A Maya Blockout of an Encounter in The Cargo Mission

This Maya Blockout was a project I made to practice my blockouts as well as learn more about encounter design. I transferred this map from Maya to UE4.


Maya Blockout: Life is Strange

A Maya Blockout of Blackwell Academy from Life is Strange.

This Maya Blockout was a project I made to strengthen my level design workflow. I blocked out this map in Maya and transferred it into UE4 as well as hooked up some scripting functionalities.


Scripting Graybox

A graybox made in UE4 to showcase my scripting competency!

Scripting Graybox was a short UE4 project I made to focus on my scripting skills to be a better level designer. I scripted doors, moving platforms, item pickup, and respawn from checkpoints.



A Unity-made prototype about being a water elemental bird!

Soar is a Unity-made prototype game that was made as a 2-week group project. You play as a water elemental bird whose job is to put out the fires made by your rival fire bird!

2019-09-09 11_05_06-A Student's Life.png

A Student's Life

A Twine-based narrative game

A Student's Life is a Twine-based narrative game in which you navigate a day in the life of a college student but also dealing with the chaos of managing a good social life, grades, and a part-time job.


Safari Surival

A turn-based card game that utilizes physical ability as a deciding winning factor.

Safari Survival is a turn-based physical game in which there are six characters who fight to be the king of the safari; Five of those characters are African animals and one is the poacher, who begins the game with more health than all the other characters. The goal of my game is to get players to prove they are will become the King of the Safari by actual physical means.


About Me

I've just recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from UC Santa Cruz with a major in Computer Science: Game Design!

My interests include making/playing video games, being a mediocre Yasuo player in League of Legends, and engaging in competitive circle-running (Track & Field).

I am currently looking for a full-time level designing position!