AssistMe is an Android app made at the Hacks UCSC 2017 Hackathon in a five-man team. It was done using Android Studio with Java and XML while also utilizing backend server infrastructure using Apache with MySQL and PHP.

The Full Story


We wanted something that could help other people, specifically the elderly/disabled. So, what if we gave them a way to ask for things to be done and people could help them while also giving helpers volunteer experience?

What it does:

It allows users who are disabled/elderly to ask people nearby to help them out. Also, it allows users to help people who need help.

How we built it:

Created the front end in android studio and the back end on a local XAMPP apache server and a mysql data base to store users and such.

Challenges we ran into:

•Implementing Google Maps API.

•Database Implementation using SQL.

•Getting tired.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

•As a game design student, I learned how to design UI/UX for games however in this project, I received the opportunity to design it for the Tech Cares category. Using the lessons I learned from my classes, I was able to apply my wireframe knowledge in a team for a meaningful purpose.

•Ability to implement a maps API (Google Maps API).

What we learned:

• Introduction to Android Studio.

• How to develop an Android App.

• How to implement an API (Google Maps).

What's next for AssistMe

• Polish User Interface for the app.

• Provide a feedback system for the tasker/task-creater so that their credibility increases.

• Before beginning tasking/creating tasks, ask for an extensive background check to avoid potential app abuse by users.

• The option to further customize tasks; the option to request more chores to get done in one request.

Check it out here!

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